• The MAMMOTH Microfibre Kit

The MAMMOTH Microfibre Kit



Here is our biggest microfibre bundle to date. Its full of all the essential EZ Car Care microfibre products you need to fill up your garages! 

The kit includes the following:

2  x BFT 1000GSM 24x34" Drying Towels

25 x Workhorse 16x16" 380GSM Buffing Towels

10 x Edgeless 16x16" 600GSM Buffing Towels

5  x Mini BFT 16x16" 1000GSM Edgeless Drying Towels

1  x Microfibre Wash Pad

1  x Microfibre Wash Mitt

1  x Wookie Premium Wash Mitt

1  x EZ Car Care - Fibres Microfibre Wash - Pro


** Please note - Colours May Vary **