• Synthesis Hybrid Paste Sealant - 150ml

Synthesis Hybrid Paste Sealant - 150ml


Synthesis is the perfect duo. Its sealant base and wax properties give this hybrid a real place in your detailing arsenal.

A synthetic blend of highly concentrated silane polymers that create a cross hatching chain of protection, curing into a linkable barrier that protects, sheets and beads water.

Synthesis is not only a sealant, its got the finest grade of T1 carnauba at its core. This is balanced beautiful with a mixture of solvents to create a perfect application and removal cycle.

As this is a hybrid blend the gloss is also at its peak. It is that glossy that the car looks WET giving it that aqua look.

An extremely durable sealant which will last up to 8 months. Application will be best a panel at a time, out of direct sunlight and allowing to cure for 3 – 5 minutes. Follow all of these steps and your car will have a gloss to be proud of.

Are you looking for a new sealant ready to prep for the winter months? Synthesis certainly ticks all the boxes, team this up with the EZ Car Care ceramic wax and the results are impeccable.

Size: 150g