• PAINT - 3 Year Ceramic Coating

PAINT - 3 Year Ceramic Coating

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PAINT is our flagship paint protection coating. Offering superior durability, gloss, beading, hardness, and self-cleaning abilities. 

This product is to be applied after thorough decontamination and machine correction to remove as many defects as possible. Once corrected, the surface must be panel wiped to remove all residual oils. After surface preparation ensure the vehicle is indoors with a consistent temperature and humidity control.

Wrap the suede pad around the foam applicator and apply approximately 6 drops of PAINT. Spread with little pressure in straight lines working one way, then the other creating a 'crosshatch' to ensure even coating. It is advised to work on a 50cm x 50cm area at a time. Allow 1-3 minutes initial cure time before removing with a clean microfibre cloth. Then immediately remove any remaining residue with another microfibre cloth, buffing to a high crystalline shine.  

For best results, we recommend two coats with a minimum of one hour between each coat. Ensure the vehicle remains dry for 24 hours after coating. Do not use any detergents after application for the first 7 days.

Durability- 3 Years

PH Resistance- 1-13

Contact Angle- 110° 

Consumption per coat (approx)- 15ml 

Bottle Size: 30ml