• Concept Ceramic Coating Kit

Concept Ceramic Coating Kit



Concept Ceramic Coating Kit

Concept is the ultimate coating for the mobile detailer or home user wanting to perform a durable semi permanent coating in a user friendly environment.

No need for temperature controlled premises or infrared curing lights, Concept will provide up to 12 months durability, fantastic gloss and exceptional water behaviour- everyone loves a good bead!

With the added use of boost - Hydrophobic maintenance spray to maintain the concept coating the hydrophobic properties and longevity can be improved. 

Kit includes:

Concept Coating 30ml

Boost - Hydrophobic Maintenance Spray 100ml

Applicator Block 

Suede Cloth x 2


Before applying Concept full paint preparation should be carried out to yeild best results. Preparation before application of Concept is as usual for any vehicle that is to be sealed.

Safe Wash process, GTR tar remover, Reigning Iron iron fallout remover, clay bar, (abrasive/cleanse polish if necessary) Eliminator panel wipe thoroughly.

Wrap the applicator cloth around the foam block and apply a thin line of Concept down the centre of it using the dripper supplied. Using a 'cross hatched' style application, move the applicator in straight lines one way, side to side and then up and down over the top of it. This ensures as even coverage as possible. After approximately 30 seconds (depending of temperature and humidity) wipe over the coating with a plush microfibre buffing towel and then buff to finish with another.

Work one panel at a time as a rule of thumb. When coating a larger panel such as a bonnet or roof. Start at one side, apply to half the panel, then buff, then start applying again from where finished the first half.

Concept can be used on matte finishes and will darken/deepen the colour although extra care must be taken in ensuring the coat is buffed applied level and buffed off thoroughly.

Boost can be layered on top of Concept to maintain gloss and hydrophobic levels as often as you like. This needs applying sparingly, 3 sprays into a cloth will easily cover a panel or two. Ensure Boost is buffed off thoroughly for best results.