EZ Car Care - Snow Foam Lance


The EZ Car Care Snow  Foam Lance. A professional snow foam lance for the application of our Arctic Meltdown Snow Foam, Sub Zero Snow Foam and many other products, including our Deflector Shield Polymer Sealant & InstaGloss Concentrated Wax Additive.

Black Lance supplied

Fitments available for The following pressure washers:

  1. Karcher K Series
  2. Karcher HDS Series
  3. Nilfisk Straight Lug Fitting Also Fits - SilverLine, Stihl
  4. Nilfisk Rounded Lug Fitting
  5. Bosch Long Fitting Also Fits - AQT,Makita, Black & Decker, Titan, RAC
  6. Bosch Short 
  7. Lavor Also fits - Qualcast, Vax, Lidl, Aldi, Parkside, Workzone
  8. Kranzle Male 22mm
  9. Bosch / RAC Alternate
  10. Nilfisk QR


  • Grab the PTFE tape and wrap it around both ends of the brass connector.
  • Screw the brass connector into the fan adjuster
  • Screw your lance fitting (e.g Karcher K) onto the other side of the brass connector - this should also have PTFE tape on
  • Connect the pickup tube to the bottom of the fan adjuster where it is grooved.
  • Pour roughly 100ml of product into the bottle then fill to halfway with water.
  • Have fun!